Meet Our Summer Interns


Code Chrysalis is proud to introduce 5 new members into the family. They hail from very different hometowns, universities, and backgrounds — but they’re all eager to work this summer to develop marketing tactics/designs and will be playing integral roles in future Meetups.

What do you hope to gain out of this internship?

Aya: Personal development is really important to me. I want to work on my own sense of contribution by entering communities with values I share. Code Chrysalis does that by enabling me to get out of my comfort zone and work on my own projects, especially one on empowering women.

Blake: I hope to learn a little more about myself and my limitations. This internship will provide me with some pretty accurate insight as to where I am lacking professionally, and it will give me clues as to overcoming these hindrances. I would also like to learn a little bit more about coding, JavaScript, and using GitHub in a work space.

Klaudija: I want to continue pursuing a career in Law, specifically Tech Law, so exposure to tech start up culture in Tokyo provides the perfect experience to gain valuable skills. Legal Tech is an interesting area in which tech is being utilised to ease the lengthy documentation process most lawyers face which means that opportunities for legal technologists are ever more sort out by law firms so learning how to code is a skill I can apply to that sector too.

Nate: I want to build my Javascript skills by gaining experience working with a team in a tech startup environment. I was drawn to Code Chrysalis’ mission of making engineering more accessible outside of the standard demographics- especially since I myself only recently started programming.

Ton: This is my first time working in a tech startup environment so I’m excited to develop both hard and soft skills needed for this industry. To me, it’s important to be able create innovative digital media marketing designs using Photoshop *and *learn more about the culture of Japanese software engineering.

These interns might be different but here are 3 things these interns have in common.

  1. They’re here to learn and challenge the tech industry.

  2. They all have unique, inter-cultural perspectives.

  3. Slack is about to become their most frequently used app — they’re here to work hard and make the most of their time here at Code Chrysalis.

So you guys seem to really have a passion for technology. What’s your favorite app?

A: VisitACity It’s the perfect all-in-one travel app. It gives you suggestions on top attractions to see and activities to do whilst organizing a schedule for you depending on the length of the trip.
B: Reddit It’s a really cool place that allows for new, different, and bizarre ideas to be talked about and engaged with.
K: Deliveroo A girl’s gotta eat.
N: GitHub It can be a huge pain but I love it. It’s incredibly useful.
T: VSCO Photography allows you to perfectly capture the most beautiful (and realest) moments of life.
Written on June 14, 2018