Code Chrysalis Cohort 3 - Student Introductions!

code chrysalis cohort 3 grad

Today we’ll be introducing a few of our immersive students who are expected to graduate at the end of this month!

They’ve come to Tokyo from across the globe, with equally diverse backgrounds and expertise. We hope you enjoy this glimpse into the particular skills and interests of our third generation, and if you want to learn more please take a look at our student interviews.

Please come to their demo day at the end of March! They will be showcasing the different projects they have done and all that jazz.

Elia Ahadi: A graduate of Penn State with two master’s degrees from Stanford and John Hopkins respectively, Elia has developed new technologies in various capacities across the globe. These include time spent as a contractor for a multimillion dollar DARPA project in Afghanistan, product manager for a startup with locations in California and China, and — most recently — as a Web Developer. His tech interests include UX/UI, AI, and “any tech that makes life easier.”

Christian Schmidt: Christian is a former Senior Engineer at the travel company Trivago — their first ever developer — where he supervised the company’s growth across multiple tech platforms, creating the infrastructure for the now €1 billion company. His projects include development on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research as well as the more recent creation of a website connecting pet shelters with prospective adoptees. He is interested in new technologies, and is making plans to sail across the Atlantic Ocean in his free time.

Shingo Konnai: A graduate of the University of Tokyo with a master’s degree in Information Science and Technology, Shingo has spent the last 5 years working as a developer, product manager and systems architect at NTT Data Corporation. His recent projects include everything from a web-based chat app to a drone flight-planning app which was presented to Rakuten. He is interested in web APIs, IoT, and machine learning and, outside of tech, he is an active practitioner of Aikido.

Ryuta Udo: Ryuta is a software engineer from Osaka University with a background in mechanical engineering, and has experience in multiple professional fields. He has worked in quality assurance, account management, and as both a frontend and full stack software engineer. In the past year alone, he has developed a visualizing heap sort algorithm as well as a simulation app for cryptocurrency prices. Outside of tech, he plays shogi and regularly runs marathons.

Yi-Tze Lin: Born in Austria, Yi-Tze has worked across finance and fintech in China, Taiwan, and Signapore, with degrees from Vienna University of Economics and Business, Nanyang Technical University, and Carnegie Mellon University. He is fluent in German, English, Mandarin, and Taiwanese. Past projects include the development of HedgeSPA Analytics’ cloud-based investment platform as well as the enhancement of its financial models using MATLAB. He is interested in machine learning, data science, algorithmic trading, and web development.

Masataka Shintoku Originally from Osaka, Masataka has spent the last 8 years at the NTT Data Corporation’s Patent Office as a full stack engineer and consultant. During his time there, he oversaw a team of application engineers, streamlined the office’s management system, implemented the company’s online credit card payment system, and was the architect of the company’s disaster recovery site and protocol. He is interested in Bitcoin — he even translated a Bitcoin core developer’s online book into Japanese — and spends time outside of work visiting famous temples and shrines.

Code Chrysalis is a 12-week advanced software engineering bootcamp in Tokyo for entrepreneurs, advanced beginners, current developers, and dreamers. Interested in joining? Apply here. Curious about what it’s like to attend our immersive? Check out our YouTube videos!

Written on March 23, 2018