Student Tech Talk Topics!

From blockchain and Bitcoin to sorting algorithms, our current immersive students have chosen a cool set of topics to cover for their meetups coming up.

Please come and check them out! All of the tech meetups will start at 7:30pm (doors will open at 7:15pm).

Feb 21 - Intro to Geocodes

Christian Schmidt is currently a lead developer at a well-known travel/hotel booking website. He joins us from Berlin, where he is based.

christian schmidt

Feb 22 - Get Started with Bitcoin

Masataka Shintoku has a degree in English literature from Osaka University, but started working for NTT Data as an IT engineer after graduating. There, he works on developing and maintaining the systems of public organizations.

masataka shintoku

Feb 28 - Tough But Fun! Sorting Algorithms!

Shingo Konnai previously worked at NTT Data where he developed mainframes and banking systems. He has a Master’s degree in information science and technology.

shingo konnai

Mar 1 - Intro to Sorting Algorithms

Yi-Tze Lin grew up in Austria and worked in Taiwan as a proprietary trader for a Taiwanese bank. It was from this experience where he discovered his interest in technology. He holds a Masters in financial engineering from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

yitze lin

Mar 6 - Create Your First Blockchain with JavaScript

Ryuta Udo previously worked in marketing for a company in the Philippines. He then received an opportunity to act as a QA analyst where he worked closely with software engineers and developed an interest in coding.


Mar 7 - Creating Simple Databases

Elia Ahadi joins us from the Bay Area, where he was previously a technical consultant and product manager. He holds a Masters degree in mechanical engineering from Stanford University.

elia ahadi

Written on February 8, 2018