Code Chrysalis Cohort 4 - Student Interviews

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In Tokyo, Spring is the season of cherry blossoms and transitions, so it is fitting that as our third cohort graduates we welcome a new batch of students to start the immersive anew.

We’re very excited to see a group with such diversity in experience, expertise, and interest, as well as some familiar faces from our introductory workshops (Psst, check out our events page for these and more)!

Without further ado, please welcome the fourth cohort of Code Chrysalis.

code chrysalis cohort 4 intro collage

Alexander Ogilvie

Born in the UK, Alex completed a degree at Oxford before moving to Japan to teach English and Music at an elementary school in Saitama.

alexander ogilvie

A newcomer to tech, Alex had his first experience with coding when he attended our “Intro to JS” meetup back in July 2017, after which he went on to complete Harvard’s CS50x “Introduction to Computer Science” course. He’s currently interested in the relationship between consumer electronics and society, as well as the opportunity to get acquainted with development tools over the course of the bootcamp. Outside of coding, he’s had the opportunity to meet Queen Elizabeth II, attend a dinner party with the Crown Prince of Japan, and star as an extra in an NHK drama — on top of all that, he’s also great at singing.

queen elizabeth

Xiaozhou Jia

A former systems engineer, Jia moved to Tokyo to complete his Master’s degree — a move that led him to travel through Europe and the United States.

xiaozhou jia

An experienced programmer, he’s interested in Domain Driven Design, container orchestration, IoT, and front-end development. In his free time he’s something of a ramen connoisseur — ask him about ramen in Shimbashi — and is a fan of the legendary Confucian philosopher Wang Yangming.

Yusuke Hayashi

Originally from Wakayama, Yusuke worked as a database engineer for the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ), one of the most advanced astronomical research centers in the world.

yusuke hayashi

A self taught professional, he is experienced with python — before the NAOJ, he wrote ORMs of PostgreSQL — and is familiar with front-end development. He’s interested in education and the next generation of tech: more specifically, machine learning, blockchain, and securities. Yusuke can be credited as the creator of the University of Tokyo’s Bubble Soccer team, which is as amazing as it sounds, as well as an equally delightful corgi Slackbot for which he kindly wrote instructions.

Takahiro Morita

Previously an SEO specialist in Thailand, Takahiro is a self-taught developer with a background in industrial engineering.

takahiro morita

Before officially making the move to web development he studied with Codeacademy, HackerRank, and Udacity to learn everything from the basics to full-stack and front-end development. He’s interested in Linux Shell, SQL, Database, and Vim, and is coming to Code Chrysalis to further improve his competitive edge as a developer.

Despite an inconvenient allergy, he’s the proud owner of a pet dog that we hope he brings along to lessons.

Mike Donnelly

After living and working across the United States, Mike and his family moved to Tokyo in 2015 for his work as a Database consultant.

mike donnelly

An experienced and innovative programmer, he has professionally worked with database development and SQL as well as Python, Visual Basic, and C#. With the self-professed tendency to “get distracted by the latest shiny thing,” Mike is interested in IoT, NoSQL databases, blockchain, and the role of technology in education.

He will almost certainly be the best chef in Code Chrysalis as he once cooked through the entirety of the “Damn Good Food” cookbook.

Beau Dobbin

Both a musician and a programmer, Beau worked in both tech and music before coming to Japan to teach English in Gunma.

beau dobbin

His interest in coding was rekindled after being offered a Google Foobar challenge in late 2016, and since then he’s taken courses on Java, Python, and C++ on Coursera, and familiarized himself with Javascript. He’s interested in audio engineering, machine learning, and the history of computation techniques and algorithms.

Before Code Chrysalis, he played guitar in a rock band for 10 years, during which time he opened for Weezer and played at both CBGB in New York, and the 40 Watt Club in Athens, Georgia!

Written on March 28, 2018