Software Engineering Immersive Week 3 Recap

TLDR: Immersive students are expanding skills to backend architecture. They created databases, build their first server using node/express and built API’s. We also kicked off our first English Communication Intensive. Alumni are also getting advice on job search and interview strategies.

Watch what we did!


Hey everyone, my name is Felix. I’m the lead instructor at Code Chrysalis.

Did you know that it snowed in Tokyo this week? This was the heaviest snow we’ve had in four years.

It’s week three for our immersive students. They expanded their skills into backend architecture. They created databases, built their first servers using Node and Express, and built APIs.

One of our alumni, Kumiko, came back to get support on her job search and interviewing strategies.

We also kicked off our English prep program, a part time class where we teach conversational English  in an interactive way. We had a waiting list so we’ll be scheduling another round in April.

As good programmers, we don’t only need to train our minds, but also our bodies. It’s important to build your muscle because you never know when you will get into a snowball fight.

Written on January 26, 2018