Software Engineering Immersive Week 5 Recap

TLDR: It’s the last week before our project phase. We rounded everything out with GraphQL and continuous delivery!

Watch what we did!


Hello everyone! I’m Ryuta. I’m a student at Code Chrysalis.

Learning here is really tough but so much fun. It is week five and this is our last full week before the project phase.

We learned about using GraphQL for API designand we learned how toset up continuous deployment and integration.

Code Chrysalis also hosted three meetups this week. The first featured a Google engineer talking about a programming language he wrote. The second was a workshop on GraphQL and the third featured an iOS developer sharing tips for a digital nomad lifestyle. In the next few weeks, all of the students will give a one hour technical talk to the public.

These events are now posted online. I’ll be talking about blockchain technology.

Check them out on our Facebook page. I hope you can join.

Written on February 9, 2018