Software Engineering Immersive Week 7 Recap

TLDR: Rakuten AirMap came by to present their drone API to students. In addition to starting projects, students also got started with prepping for post-graduation plans. They went over resumes and interview skills to prepare themselves for the job market.


Yan: Hey Pepper! I’ve got to put this mic on you right now. Alright! You’re ready to go.

Pepper: Hello everyone. My name is Pepper. I am the Chief Robotics Officer at Code Chrysalis.

This week, our students took a full day test to show what they have learned so far. In just four and a half hours they built full stack apps from scratch.

Rakuten Airmap stopped by to talk to the class. The students are working on projects using their drone API and will share their apps with the company next week.

We also started working on job preparation. This is a huge part of our program and continues even after the students graduate.

Kumiko, one of our graduates, stopped by to share some good news. She was hired by her dream company and doubled her salary. See you again next week!

Written on February 21, 2018