Software Engineering Immersive Week 8 Recap

TLDR: Rakuten AirMap came by to present their drone API to students. In addition to starting projects, students also got started with prepping for post-graduation plans. They went over resumes and interview skills to prepare themselves for the job market.


Hello! My name is Christian.

I am a student at Code Chrysalis. Last week we took a field trip to Rakuten Airmap. We met some of their engineers and shared products we had built with their drone API.

We also had some visitors from Stripe stop by. They talked about their company and tools available to developers.

Code Chrysalis also started a beginner’s program called Foundations last week.

It’s a part-time month long class that meets during nights and weekends. This class is for people who are new to coding or JavaScript.

Bill, a graduate of Code Chrysalis Immersive, is teaching the class.

Written on February 28, 2018